Sustainable Investment Research Center LLC
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Sustainable Investment Research Center LLC
Adam Seitchik, Ph.D., CFA is the Executive Director of SIRC.  Previously Adam was Managing Director at Auriel Capital where he was responsible for identifying industry-level ESG factors influencing corporate financial performance. Adam's career in sustainable investing began at Trillium Asset Management in Boston, where he was the Chief Investment Officer and Co-CEO, overseeing $1 billion in investment portfolios integrating ESG and financial factors into a value-added stock selection process.  He worked closely with the founding partners of Auriel at Deutsche Asset Management, where he was the Chief Global Strategist in London.  His knowledge of ESG risks and opportunities integrated well with Trillium's deep knowledge of responsible investing and Auriel's systematic approach to equity investment. 

Adam Seitchik is leading the sustainable investment research process for the Highwater Global Equity Strategy.  Highwater invests globally in publicly traded impact companies with products, services and processes that are assisting in the transformation to a more sustainable world.  More information on Highwater Global can be found here:

The author of Climate Change from the Investor’s Perspective (for the Civil Society Institute), Adam is a frequent writer and speaker on sustainable investing.  He is a trustee of the Hyams Foundation in Boston and serves as chair of the Investment and Finance Committee.  Adam is also on the Board of Bainbridge Graduate Institute, a pioneer and leader in sustainable business education.

Adam holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Boston University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.


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